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Speed and Performance Training 

BOBCAT  Athletes that attain this level are at the start of their  Parisi training experience. These athletes focus on fundamental athletic abilities in their initial training.

COUGAR  Athletes have mastered the first fundamentals and are ready to add athletic skills that directly translate into competitive play. 

LION  Fundamental abilities are present, yet must be refined for higher movement in the Cat Club Attention to basic biomotor characteristics is critical at this stage to progress to higher levels.

​​TIGER Tiger is the midpoint program of the Cat Club Scoring System. Athletic movements and are now primed to move to a higher level of performance.

​​PANTHER  Indicates a predisposition for high level athletic performance. Athletes at this level have a fundamental athletic foundation present, and focus on technique, strength and mental training

to attain higher levels.

JAGUAR The bridge to high level performance. Athletes at this level demonstrate High Quality of movement that can be refined to achieve optimal scores

LEOPARD  Athletes that attain this level demonstrate great athletic aptitude and continued fine

tuning of their abilities can push them to the final level.

CHEETAH  The Elite Level for athletes which represents the standard for athletes to aspire to while training in the Parisi program. Athletes at this level demonstrate the highest level of performance.

The Cat Club is a motivational scoring, evaluation, testing and training program that ranks and charts the progress of athletes in our program. 

There are eight levels of the Cat Club, starting at Bobcat and ascending to Cheetah in both the Youth and the Adult Tiers. Cheetah status is the ultimate goal for Cat Club athletes.

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